Why take a mushroom for health?

We share more DNA with mushrooms than with plants. Because of this connection, we can easily utilize compounds from mushrooms.

Which Mushroom to Choose?

Mushrooms are functional foods, can be used every day and have a full spectrum of constituents.

Why We Use Mushroom Mycelium

The mushroom life cycle consists of mycelium, fruiting bodies, and spores.

Depending on the species and the intended use, we utilize a unique combination of the life stages.

Why mycelium?

Mycelium produces novel compounds not found in the fruitbody. Recent research shows that 25% more genetic material is active during the mycelial stage as compared to the fruitbody stage. This means that significantly more compounds are created during the mycelium stage.

Why certified organic brown rice?

To grow mushroom mycelium, we use sustainably harvested mushroom cultures to inoculate and ferment an organic brown rice substrate. The fermentation process produces unique novel compounds that have been studied and shown to provide significant and complementary immune support properties.

Mushrooms & Bees

Why “Bee” Concerned?

1 out of 3 bites of food you eat is thanks to pollination by honey bees…but bees are under threat!

Where we began, where we are today

In 2015, experiments began where honey bees drank different mushroom mycelium extracts. Research is indicating that mushroom mycelium extracts provide essential nutrition that confers an immune benefit to bees. This nutritional support then translates into improved hive health.

Mushroom Science & Research

Host Defense has a dedicated research team of over ten mycologists that studies mushrooms. For 35 years we have been researching, writing on, teaching about, cultivating, and producing mushrooms. Our staff is active within the mycological communities, attending, teaching, and sharing our knowledge of mushrooms at educational and scientific congresses throughout the world.