Modern science continues to recognize the array of health-supporting compounds found in mushrooms. Host Defense is a strong proponent of the peer-reviewed process and scientific studies. This rigorous vetting process is the best way we have today to separate scientific research on mushroom efficacy from opinion or marketing tactics.

Host Defense has a dedicated research team of over ten mycologists that studies mushrooms. For 35 years we have been researching, writing on, teaching about, cultivating, and producing mushrooms. Our staff is active within the mycological communities, attending, teaching, and sharing our knowledge of mushrooms at educational and scientific congresses throughout the world.
If you want to dive further into the scientific world of mushrooms, you can find an extensive library at mushroomreferences.com

Immune benefits of mushroom mycelium & cultured substrate confirmed

The mycelium of turkey tail mushroom and its fermented substrate each show potent and complementary immune-activating properties in vitro.

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Chaga mushroom extract inhibits oxidative DNA damage in lymphocytes of patients with inflammatory bowel disease

Host Defense Chaga was found to reduce oxidative stress and DNA damage to intestinal cells by over 54% as compared to controls.

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Potentiation of cell-mediated Host Defense using fruit bodies and mycelia of medicinal mushrooms

Demonstrates the synergy of Stamets 7 mushroom blend in increasing macrophage activity and natural killer cell activity over the use of mushrooms individually

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Differential immune activating, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties of aqueous, ethanal and solid fractions of My Community mushroom blend

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